Thursday, February 24, 2011

X-tra proteins?

For starters, check this out:

Dr Klimas says she has been filmed for 2 hours for just about 10 seconds of air time. The big news is a research that came out yesterday announced the presence of proteins in the spinal fluid of CFS patients that is not present in normal controls.

Funny that it came out less than a week after the psycho study huh?

Distinct Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteomes Differentiate Post-Treatment Lyme Disease from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By Dr S. Schutzer et al.

Essentially, Dr Schutzer found proteins in the cerebro-spinal fluids in CFS patients that are distinct from chronic lyme patients and healthy controls, including some complement proteins, associated with inflammation. This means that we can tell scientifically that ME/CFS is real, and it is not an imaginary illness.

Well we knew that... We just had to let the scientists prove it. Of course more studies are needed. I hope they hurry...

In the meantime, one of our fellow patient Charlotte von Salis attended an education day at the National Institute of Health, it was a presentation by 3 doctors, Dr Shih-Shing Lo, Dr Harvey Alter, and Dr Fred Gill. You will be able to find the video cast here  when it gets available for the public. It was only available to NIH people, but Charlotte has been able to attend and blogged about it, and one journalist/blogger Mindy Kitei hosted the blog post here here

What I have to say about it, and I won't be shy, is what the hell, NIH, what were you thinking? Mindy, in the comment section, said "The answer to who picked Gill is that Tony Fauci is ultimately pulling the strings, and Dr. Fred Gill is just the latest patsy." Dr Fauci is a long time accomplice in keeping chronic fatigue syndrome in the shadow and keeping the disease classified (unofficially) as a psychiatric disorder. He is at the head of NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases) and has quite a large budget to manage, but won't share any of it with the CFS program. Anyways, it sounds like Dr Gill's presentation was as atrocious as the slides that we have been able to view before  the presentation:

Dr Gill's slides

As a comparison, you can view the science as viewed by Dr Lo and Alter through their presentation at the same education day:

Dr Lo's slides

Dr Alter's slides

Patients with ME/CFS needs to know what is the agenda of the NIH and NIAID and why they perpetuate the corruption, discrimination and bad science of 25 years since the epidemics of the 1980's. ME/CFS science proved through 4000 papers that the disease is not psychiatric. There was a great opportunity this week to come clean and dispel the myths. So why inviting a doctor to spread more psycho-babble through the world, when XMRV has been twice linked to patients with CFS and abnormal proteins have just been found in the spinal fluid of patients ?

The psych lobby is playing big cards, almost desperately it seems, just the same way a husband is trying to hide a mistress. It ain't working. There are traces everywhere, and it's not perfume! The psych lobby group, the CDC, the MRC (Wessley school) have committed crimes to humanity. It's about to get uncovered. In the end, science always wins.

I will leave you tonight with another goodie from Hillary Johnson, a genius piece called Hey, Lazy Arses!

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