Monday, July 18, 2011

X-treme ignorance

in the past 2weeks, I heard 2 different stories of women that got denied health care even though they knew something was wrong.

The first one had a lump in her breast. she told the doctor who dismissed that as being part of fibromyalgia. It was cancer.

The second one is a long time patient with fibromyalgia also, Who had severe pain after a fall, was returned home with no treatment. 3 years later, after continuous suffering, she committed suiicide. her post mortem examination demonstrated that she had a pelvis fracture.

These stories show the horror of discrimination that us patients with invisible diseases go through day in day out. ME/CFS, Lyme disease and fibromyalgia are horrible, often lifelong diagnosis where it seems like many physicians are given the opportunity to think that any symptoms these patients report are fake, unreal, imaginary, and benign.

If you are a physician, a health care professional, or working with a few million dollars of health care budget, please remember that this patent could be your mother, your daughter, your brother, or your spouse. Also please remember that only a very small minority of patients invent symptoms in order to attract attention. All of us patients would rather live the only life we've been given by doing what we love dooing and not being in pain, in bed.

Nuff said.

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